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Windscreens & Privacy Screens For Fences

Practical & Affordable Windscreens & Privacy Screens To Reduce Wind Turbulance & Provide Privacy From Curious Eyes

Superscreen Windscreen    
Superscreen up close

Add shade, privacy and
wind resistance with the
SuperScreen line of

Windscreen on tennis court

SuperScreen is ideal for
tennis courts (above),
construction sites
(below) and athletic fields

Windscreen hides construction

Superscreen for athletic fields

Superscreen for construction site

Use SuperScreen for a temporary construction
site (above). Or use SuperScreen as a
permanent privacy screen -
PSH vinyl provides 100%

SuperScreen - the ultimate in windscreen and privacy screen protection - is the perfect addition to any facility, field or outdoor court area. Economical and practical, SuperScreen easily attaches to any fence and will provide shade, block wind disturbances, add privacy, add security and will provide an excellent visual background for players.

SuperScreen can also be used to section-off special field sections or unsightly areas, thus making SuperScreen useful in construction areas. It can also be used in work areas, storage sites, or anywhere you are looking to add privacy and security.

SuperScreen is available in several varieties - depending on your needs. It is made of high-quality materials - polypropylene, polyethylene or PVC-coated polyester - depending on which windscreen you choose. All of our windscreen is weatherproof, fade-resistant and constructed using extra-wide hems, a unique 6-ply reinforced hem and brass-tooth grommets that won't tarnish or rust.

Ideal for athletic fields, golf courses and tennis courts
SuperScreen is ideal for outfield fencing, backstops, golf courses, tennis courts, and bleachers or anywhere you need a visual barrier. Adding a solid or semi-solid background to your athletic field fencing will reduce visual distractions and increase visibility, while also eliminating unwanted onlookers. When hung on an outfield fence SuperScreen provides an excellent backdrop to enhance "batter's eye."

Several varieties to suit every need - choose the right one for you
SuperScreen is available in several varieties of materials, weights, weaves, colors and textures to create the perfect look for your facility. Use the chain-link fence covering to enhance the look of your field by matching it to your school, team or event colors.

For most uses, polypropylene windscreen is the best choice for durability and cost. The best-selling windscreen is the PSD, which provides 80% shade. It is ideal for most sporting applications and is suitable for nearly any wind condition.

If you live in an area with high-wind conditions, consider adding the optional Semi-Circle Wind Flaps or Boxed Wind Flaps.

For full privacy and solid backgrounds, choose the PSH vinyl windscreen is the best choice for durability and cost.

Custom-cut for a precise fit
We carry standard 6 ft and 9 ft heights, which are cut and finished to your exact specifications. Custom heights above 9 feet are available, please email or call us directly. Any height above 9 feet, we strongly recommend adding a "lacing lip" - an additional tie-down point halfway down the windscreen - which secure the windscreen to the fence preventing a "sail" effect during windy conditions.

Largest selection of windscreen fabrics and colors available
SuperScreen is available in several varieties of materials, weights, weaves, colors and textures to create the perfect look for your facility. Add our chain-link fence covering
FenceTopper or PolyTube Cap to enhance the look of your field by matching it to your school, team or event colors

Consult with our experts to help you choose which windscreen is right for your needs. Obtain a complimentary quote online or email sales@outfieldfencing.com

Windscreen with fence guards

SuperScreen gives your athletic field a professional look. Combine SuperScreen with our FenceTopper fence guards for enhanced play and visibility.

SuperScreen is ideal for:
Providing shade
Blocking wind
Creating privacy
Sectioning-off field sections or   unsightly areas
Providing excellent visual   background for players
SuperScreen is built to last:
Maximum UV sunlight protection   prevents fading
Ultra-strong hem made of 6-ply   reinforced materials
Extra-wide 1-1/2" hems
Brass-tooth grommets
Semicircle flap box flap cuts wind

Optional aps and vents are recommended for areas with high-wind conditions

lacing lip for stability

For sizes above 9 feet, we recommend adding a "lacing lip" to avoid a "sail effect" during windy conditions.
Custom options available:
Boxed Air Vents or Wind Flaps   for extreme weather   conditions
Center Lacing Lip for 9' and   taller - secures windscreen in   the center for extra support
Custom spacings for grommets
Advertising and Team logos -   only available on vinyl-coated   windscreens
Note: not all colors are available in all varieties. Call or email for specifics. Email: sales@outfieldfencing.com
Windscreen Chart
  Item #   Product Name   Shade % Type of construction Colors available
  PSA   100% Polypropylene   90% Woven Black
  PSB   100% Polypropylene   85% Woven Forest Green, Black
  PSC   100% Polypropylene   92% Woven Forest Green, Black
  PSD   PVC-coated Polyester   80% Weft Insert Forest Green, Kelly Green, Yellow, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Carolina Blue, Red, Burgundy, Purple, Orange, Brown, Tan, Black, Gray, White
  PSE   100% Polypropylene   90% Knitted Hunter Green, Royal Blue
  PSER70   70" (h) x 150 ft (l) Roll
w/ woven eyelets
  90% Knitted Hunter Green
  PSER92   92" (h) x 150 ft (l) Roll w/ eyelets
w/ woven eyelets
  90% Knitted Hunter Green
  PSER106   106" (h) x 150 ft (l) Roll w eyelets
w/ woven eyelets
  90% Knitted Hunter Green
  PSF   100% Polyethylene   83% Woven Royal Blue, Black
  PSG   100% Polyethylene   90% Woven Forest Green, Black
  PSH   Solid Vinyl   Complete blockage Vinyl Forest Green, Royal Blue, Red, Gray, Tan
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